Monday, September 06, 2010

undie drive...

(edited to add...I will be collecting Undies again at the Scrappin' Outback Retreat in October)

Last year I collected lots of underpants from family and friends to send to the Children of the Forest...we managed to send about 280 pairs! About 2- 3 pairs per child...

They always struggle to provide enough underwear for the kids so I am planning on having another

again this year!

So if you would like help buy some undies for children or teenagers...boys or girls...and give them to me!

There are more than 150 children and teenagers of all ages at the

Children of the Forest so any size is welcome!

And hopefully this year we can again send several pairs for each child...

I have been sending clothes regularly too as we collect them at school...and as we are changing our uniform too we have been sending our lovely check shirts...

This is the response we received from Mark from Children of the Forest regarding the items that we have been donating.
“We have been receiving your parcels and they continue to play a vital part in our child protection program. We struggle to find money for clothes but your donation means that our children look smart and cared for and most importantly they love to wear what you send. I am attaching a few photos.” So each bit we do is worth the effort to the children who have so little...Lissy

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lis, Fantastic work you do with all of this. Are we able to give the items to you at the retreat, just like last year. Cheers Lisa