Monday, December 13, 2010

christmas rice appeal...

Children of the Forest are having a Christmas Rice Appeal....

Here's the details....

A unique way to help Children of the Forest this Christmas.

With COF continuing to grow all of the time, providing food to all those within the project is a constant concern.

Currently COF requires 1000kg of rice per month just to feed all of the children and mothers within our protection centres.

In order to help COF cope with this need, we're launching a Christmas Rice Appeal.

We are asking you to consider buying 30kg of rice for Children of the Forest on a friend's behalf as a memorable and unique Christmas present for them.

To put this into context, 30kg of rice will feed all 150 children in the Child Protection Centre for one day.

You will receive a card to give to your friend, marking the donation and explaining what has been done in their name .

We hope that this will be a great way to raise funds for a supply of rice for 2011, whilst also spreading the word about COF's work to your friends and family.

The cost of this is £10 (about $AUS 16) per card, but we ask that you add 80p to your total donation in order to cover the costs of postage & packaging. After printing costs, £9.50 of your donation will go directly to Children of the Forest to buy the 30kg of rice.

To place your order for the card, please email Karen on You will need to include in your email:

The number of cards you wish to order, Your method of payment and amount paid, and Your postal address
You can pay for this in two ways:

1. You can send a cheque made out to 'Children of the Forest' to: Karen Hargrave, Heatherleigh, Bonsey Lane, Woking, Surrey, GU22 9PP UK

2. You can pay via the justgiving site ( PAYPAL or Credit Card....Just follow the instructions to donate, ensuring that your name is visible with your donation (for our ease in keeping track of who has paid). Please note that this donation is not eligible for gift aid.

If you could pass this information about the Rice Appeal on to anyone else you think might be interested, we'd be extremely grateful!

Thank so much for your time -
Merry Christmas from Children of the Forest

So I donated for Morganne and Evangeline...easy to do through paypal...

And I have just donated for another friend Pierre who gave me the cash today! So go ahead!

Make a donation as you know you will be enjoying a little more than rice for Christmas! 

And a lovely freind gave me a bag of coins this morning...$6.40 of 5c add to our collection! Thanks Michelle! That is three months of  essential supplies for one child!

And don't forget to join in my Christmas Giveaway...see post below...ends December 16th... Lissy

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