Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cooking up a storm....

Normally when I come to the farm I cook up a making 200 + biscuits, 6 cakes and numerous meals to give my sister a break BUT this time I haven't...well it is Easter and the workmen are away and seeding is yet to start so it is quieter on the farm...I have made a couple of batches of biscuits for my brother in law and a few meals...but mostly I have been scrapping! E is busy playing with the boys so my sister and I have been scrapping! YAY! A very nice way to spend some time!

The Easter Egg Hunt was a big success today...a letter from Easter Bunny was found and they followed the trail and then ate chocolate!
Here is few more layouts....more old photos that have been printed for about a year or more!...and using some of those Rouge de Garance half paper things....we have even printed and scrapped our Easter photos but will have to post that tomorrow after I can take a photo of it!
Anyway I hope you have all had a nice chocolatey Easter - Lissy


Alli said...

just love the autumn leaves Lissy! so glad you are getting some nice quality scrapping time with Annica

We had an egg hunt, Riley is on strict rations and we couldn't make Alec eat one if we tried, then we just had a quiet day.. I'm really really going to try and start that painting tomorrow!

Sharon Manning said...

Wow you have been busy.....say hi to Annica for me!
Also hurry up and let that secret out of yours before I do! LOL
Take Care

Megan said...

Well who wouldn't prefer to scrap over spending time in the kitchen lol?! Lissy your layouts and photos are delightful. Love the shot of you and E - just gorgeous.

Megan xx

Anonymous said...

Lissy, looks like you have had a very productive weekend...the LO's are gorgeous as usual!!