Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Little Tree.....

Well today was E's first school concert! They were little trees and performed a poem about trees as they have been doing botany this term! They also sang a song with the other classes about a monkey eating coconuts. So here are some pictures...

E and her BEST friend Jake!

E in her tree hat....

The concert!

E in action

My hat off to their teacher Naomi...amazing work in organising ten 3 year olds to perform! They all participated and were very cute!

Other news -I have sent in my entry for the first challenge of Scrapbook Outlet NZ design team is a layout on your favourite place...They are being posted anonymously but will be in the gallery....Voting will happen this weekend so we will see if I get through to the next round!

I can now share my entries for the initial part of the competition that got me through to the top ten!

These are little houses to go on E's bedroom wall...I plan on making a few more so she has a little poppet town of friends and family! This is her aged one, two and three....

We are off to the farm for Easter so I may or may not post over the next week - so have a safe and Happy Easter all! Lissy


Judy said...

Hi, told you so!!! That is, your gonna win! Good luck for the next round - love the lo's for round one. Looks and sounds like you guys had such a blast at the retreat. Go Lissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Millar said...

Look at E!! She's so cute!!!
Loved your SBO entry!!! Go Lissy Go!!!

Megan said...

Lis I love your entries - your little cherub is just too gorgeous! And I KNEW there would be some felt on at least one of the entries lol!

Have a great time at the farm - HAPPY EASTER :-)

Nicole Finlayson said...

Awesome layouts Lis and Miss E is just gorgeous at her concert!

Mel Diener said...

OMG, I just LOVE your little poppets and houses, what a fantastic idea. E will LOVE them in her room and her friends will be so envious.

Love you layouts, no WONDER you got through to the next round..awesome Lissy.

And gorgeous does E look in her little tree outfit. Don't you just love watching kids concerts, especially when they are all so tiny and adorable.

Have a great easter.

Julie said...

Love the pics. Looks like E had heaps of fun.

Love the pages too. Those poppet houses are so cool.

Rach H said...

wow look at your gorgeous little E.
She is looking so grown up. And yes well done to the teacher for getting all the kids to perform.

Loved all your entries for SBO!!
Good luck with the next round.

Have a lovely Easter. :)

Sharon Manning said...

Go Lissy Go!!!!!!!! I have my 100 posts now so I can vote.

Love your Poppet Town and the layouts are fab too.

So glad E's concert went off well and I do hope the biscuits were yummy!

See you soon.