Friday, April 13, 2007

a few things....

a few things happening around here...though not very exciting...

Yesterday there was a snake on the front OK that was exciting...the cat was playing with it! it was only little about a foot long...but it is the first one I have ever seen here and we have been on this property for 25 years! I am more determined to clear out the garden now so there a less snake friendly spots! Here it dead...I do not like killing things but figured this was necessary. I was worried abut the cat dying as it was playing with it for ages before I realised it was a snake and the snake was pretty angry! But as you can see Lucas is alive and well this morning. And you can also see poor E is wounded...she fell over on the paving she is only blowing kisses at the moment!

I finally finished the layout from Sharon's vintage class at the retreat....needed to check the is of Ben...cute wasn't he! I have a recipe folder too but since it is just abut an exact replica of Sharon's you can visit her blog to see it!

We went and visited my friend and her bub today who is already 14 weeks old and looking cuter all the time. E is fascinated by Imogen's little hands!

And finally...I got my next entry for the SBO Survivor Challenge done last night...phew! We had to scrap a recipe! The layouts are being posted anonymously in the gallery again! So fingers crossed I get through to the next round!

Hope you have nice plans for the weekend - Lissy


Chris Millar said...

Yikes!! I don't blame you for killing it! Love the layout!

Megan said...

Lis I loathe snakes....we had dugites all around our house throughout summer when we lived over there. So glad you killed it, you big snake warrior you! Pleased Lucas is fine as well.


Sharon Manning said...

Wow you finished the layout, it looks great too! What a gorgeous baby Imogen is and what a great shot of E and her hands.
I wish you the best of luck for the next round of SBO DT Competition, you know I think you are a shoe in.