Sunday, April 22, 2007

Photos, Gutters and such

I have spent a lot of time in the last week sorting out old photos....old family photos and photos from my childhood...that have all been in shoe boxes and such. I have roughly sorted them in to categories into some expanding files and am now going through and scanning them.

Some that I had thought were too yellow or faded or damaged have actually come up very well with a bit of editing. I have done about 250 this weekend from my childhood up until about 1980. About 50 of these are of out trip to the UK in 1977. I am amazed how much I can remember about that trip although I was only 8. And lots of us on our ponies. E loved these ones even when she discovered all the horses and ponies in the pictures were now dead!

I have done some pages for Ben's Book of Me recently and I am now keen to get on and do some of mine now that I have discovered that I do actually have some photos! A lot were eaten by white ants :(

Other than that Ben arrived home on Wednesday. And we have cleaned out the gutters today! I wasn't as bad as we anticipated and E had a great time.She even has her own gardening gloves!
Here are a couple of layouts that I have done for the SBO Survivor Comp....I have been voted out now so the comp is all over for me! The first one you had to "scrap a recipe"
The next one was a monochromatic challenge on which you also had to use ribbon and paint! There was a debate as to whether you could use any white so I made sure I had is VERY orange! I am not sure I even really like it much! I really found this one a challenge!
Had fun with E on the trampoline yesterday especially when her shorts fell down! They need new elastic! She thought this was hilarious!

That is about it from here! We are off to the farm for a few days tommorrow - have a good week - Lissy


Dianna said...

well done getting as far as you did. Liked your layout esp the colour top in the photo which matched the mono theme.

Judy said...

Love the photo of E - hysterical! Yes those 60/70's photos that are all yeallow change dramatically with photoshop - its amazing really.

Megan said...

Well you've been busy Lis! Love the photos and layouts, and am SO PLEASED you've got Ben home with you :-)

Megan xx

Kim G said...

The layouts are great Lissy and that photo of E is just adorable.

Kim xx