Thursday, July 24, 2008

not much happening...

Not much happening around here...the girls are sick...E with another ear infection and now vomiting...nice...especially at 1 a.m....and M has a cold and hoping she does not get the gastro thing that E has...or me either for that matter! So a quiet week here...Red cheeks make me think M might be getting more teeth too as she is a bit grizzly at the moment!I am working on sorting in my room again....need some proper storage really but have brought this little kitchenette in from the shed to use to store my fabric and sewing stuff for is petite...85cm wide and 140cm high...looks kind of cute though until I get a storage room built...I like a mix of old and room is the old formal I want to fill in the front entrance hall to use for no one has used the front door...ever...everyone comes to the back door here...the play room is the old formal dining room...just off my room...much better uses of these spaces I think!I have made a huge mess doing this but it is much nicer than plastic tubs stacked up! Now i have to finish sorting so I can actually do something!Fortunately today is fine and windy if a little cold so I have managed to get all the bedding washed and dried and smelling nice again!

I love this pic of Morganne I took...blurry and such but she was having a good laugh!
I hope your week is going well - Lissy

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Alli said...

I love that kitchenette!

hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow!