Friday, July 25, 2008

sick...and better again

Ben is at sea and out of phone range so we have only had email for about a will post lots of photos for him!

Poor Evangeline was sick for four days...not eating and she even had a couple of sleeps and still went to bed on time...unheard of as she stopped daytime naps by the time she was two! She was just laying around but she was drinking water at far Morganne and I seem fine...

Morganne is going great at sitting up and thinks herself very clever. She is enjoying a change of scene in the playroom now too...we need a mat in there too really...And she has progressed into the stroller! Much easier than a pram! And I am still working on getting her to drink from a cup...I gave up on the bottle...And she loves to blow raspberries! Unfortunately she has started waking a bit at night and not settling again...usually at 3am or so...way too early to start the day!

Here E is feeling better yesterday...
And here is a pics of the two girls...Other than that not much happening...mum came out to help out on Saturday and we did some gardening too... And I must remember to make sure all our jeans are washed and ready for Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 1st August...And you never know I may get something creative done again sometime soon! Lots of ideas but don't seem to have the time at the moment...I hope you are having a good week...Lissy


Alli said...

I'm glad E is feeling better.. and how happy is Morganne! :)

see you in the morning!!

Jenelle Macri - said...

Look at Morganne.. she looks so cute!

By the way.. how old is she? Just curious cause my Lucia is now waking up a bit during the night and she's 9 months old! She wakes up at 3am too! Frustrating isn't it! Just need to settle her down with a dummy, tuck her back into the blankets and shes right!

Glad to hear that E is feeling better! Sad when the kids are sick and you know that you can't do anything but love them and nurish them.


Sharon Manning said...

Isn't Morganne adorable and so cuddly!
Glad E is feeling better, it's not like her to be down for long.
Righto....I'm off to Ikea.
See Ya