Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sharon took some lovely photos for me last week...these are unedited...E didn't want her photo taken - she was too busy playing with Sharon's girls...
Thanks Sharon - Lissy


Alli said...

very cute Lis, love the ones from outside, she is a very well coordinated baby her clothes are so cute and I love the little hat

Anonymous said...

oh geez get me a spoon... I could eat her... so gorgeous! and great for my clucky hormones lol

Miss M is adorable!

thanks for those pics..much love

lib x

Sharon Manning said...

Thank You Lis! Coffee and Mud Cake, what more could one ask for, LOL.

I will get around to editing some this week I hope, oh and thank you to E for sharing so beautifully with my girls.

See you soon.