Saturday, July 12, 2008

seven months old...

Today Morganne is seven months old...She is sitting up and is very pleased with herself and happy to play...she does not like vegetables and so would think you were feeding her something quite revolting the way she carries on! Her mouth clamps shut, she gags and tries to spit it out! But she opens wide for fruit and will eat yoghurt and cereal...She loves seeing what is going on and playing with other kids...Ace (her cousin) loves to spend time with her... He has been staying with us a few days this week.Her clothes are size O and some Size 1...I will get her weighed and measured next week. She loves babbling away and blowing raspberries...and she makes a lip smacking sound when you say kiss! She loves the bath.She has a bit of ezcema which bothers her but it is not too bad. Her eyes are looking more brown now...and she has two teeth...and needless to say we think she is adorable!And here is our scruffy dirt magnet E...she has had a few play days with friends this week as it is the school holidays!
I am having trouble with blogger so shall finish for now and post again soon - Lissy

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