Wednesday, September 03, 2008

fairy dust...

Last night for some reason there was a lot of glitter in Evangeline's bed...she mus have been playing in there with her wings and wand or something... Anyway I said the fairies must have been visiting...and she was so excited saying it was fairy dust and maybe it is Twinkle the Tooth Fairy! We have been brushing our teeth well to look after them for Twinkle...E is very keen to loose a tooth...anyway I said the fairies must have some to help her go to sleep...she is not a good sleeper and wakes a lot and it can be hard to get her to go to last night she went to sleep like a dream! And did not wake all night!

And speaking of tooth fairies...I am thinking of getting E a charm bracket ready for when she does start loosing teeth in a year or so...and giving her a charm each time she looses on (from the tooth fairy of course because she has taken such extra good care of her teeth!) I looked at the Pandora bracelets today and they seem like the go as we can easily get a bigger bracelet as she grows...

E has decided she does not want to go to dance anymore...that is fine by me as I am happy for her to try other things...I actually think she might like I will see what is available locally...she does swimming each week as I feel this is very important since we have a pool...and we have started horse riding so it is not as if she is deprived of things to do!

And big news for Morganne...she is off and CRAWLING! Slowly but she is off! Ben gets home tonight at about 10pm...but he leaves again Monday...shall have to get him to put the child gates up! This house is very open plan so I want some areas where I know she is safe to play...And she has learnt to throw things over the highchair and look for them and squawk at me to pick them up! oh joy! Oh and she grinds her teeth..all four of them...!
So we are all good...even though the girls both have another ear infection this week! I hope to get into some scrapping for the Retreat Classes tomorrow as I have the photos printed! Hope you are having a good week! Lissy


Alli said...

Riley is very eager to loose a tooth too Lis.. and just the other day he was talking to me about your old house and the gates, I will have to tell him they are going back up again :)

Sharon Manning said...

A little magic goes a long way with kids! and Adults too.
OK so now I need to get one of those mechanics bed on wheels thingy do I? LOL
Sharon xx