Friday, September 12, 2008

how to get a free bag...and 9 months old....

It is easy these days to get a free just have to rip open your leg on an iron mirror in the the bag you were admiring but deciding you could not afford is yours! The assistant wanted to know if I wanted a band aid (plaster)to stick on to stop blood getting on my pants...I said it was a bit late to worry about the state of my pants! I think I will have quite a is a 2" gash!Other things...mum is home...E loved going to meet her at the airport and she stayed with us for the night too...She had lots of presents as is E in some Hungarian things...I got great things too but cannot share until my sister gets hers! Evangeline rode solo at her lesson yesterday...she managed to steer the pony fairly well...she was very excited!
I had lunch and a good chat with Sharon yesterday and she took some great pics for me again...this time near mum's in East Perth...Morganne is now 9 months old!I had to share the photos...

She is crawling...she only has four teeth but grinds them...yuk!She has learnt to drop things from the high chair. She makes clicking sounds, and claps her hands and laughs! She can use a drink cup and not get too wet! Her main words are bub bub and mum dad dad yet! She loves to sit on the grass outside...her hair is getting lighter and her eyes are now definitely brown! And she is a happy and gorgeous bub!

Ben went off to do some extra work yesterday for 5 days...And the air con has been fixed and doesn't have to be replaced yet - YAY! And that is it from me - hope you have a nice weekend! Lissy


Sharon Manning said...

OMGosh! That's a desperate way to get a new bag. I do hope you're ok? Nice bag though!
Glad you liked the photos.
Have a restful weekend.

Rach said...

The things you do for a bag Lissy.

Those photographs are beautiful!
As soon as I saw the one with M's teeth I could just hear her grinding them eeek.

Have a wonderful weekend and take car of your war wound.


Alli said...

I'm laughing at you and thinking ouch all at the same time.. hope your leg doesn't hurt too much.. and gorgeous photos

Judy said...

Noice bag, not sure about the cut but at least the colours match!!!
She is one cute baby - for sure.