Sunday, September 07, 2008

father's day...

We had a nice day...gardening this morning...and then we went to lunch in the Valley at Milsten Gardens which is only a few minutes down the road for us...we were with with my sister and family...

They have a fabulous fully enclosed garden for the kids to play in...well fabulous until E went missing for 20 or so minutes...I was really starting to panic... and the staff were looking too...then she appeared...she was just hiding really really well for hide and seek she said!
Later in the afternoon my sister in law and the girls came over for a E had more cousins to play with!

And also it is my mum's birthday which she is celebrating in Budapest! She gets back home Wednesday!

And this weekend out friend Frank Alban won the seat of Swan Hills in our State elections...he will be a great MP...well done Frank! He is a great guy and very community focused. Here are the campaign photos I took for him...
I have completed the layout for one of my shall share that soon!
I hope you have had a great day - Lissy


Kim G said...

Hi Lissy,

You've been tagged! Check it out on my blog

Have a fabulous week!
Kim xx

Rach said...

Magic photo Lissy of Ben with the girls!

Loved being able to sit and look at all your new layouts and the beautiful pictures of the girls.

Have a wonderful week.
Rachie xx

Sharon Manning said...

Hi Lis!
Great photos of Ben and the girls. Yay for Frank - he got my vote too. You did a beautiful job of the photos for him and everytime I drive past one of his signs in the last month I say to the kids, "Lis took that photo you know!". It must have been worrying for you with E missing - a Mother's worst nightmare. I'm glad she was hiding safely.
Take Care and see you soon.
Sharon xxx