Saturday, September 20, 2008

a few mouthfuls...

This morning Morganne had a few mouthfuls of cereal...yay!! Not that exciting perhaps but a change as for the last 8 days she has not eaten any solids..she has had a cold and has been teething...and refused anything...a couple of times she has had a couple of tastes of grated cheese but that was I am glad she is feeling better and although it wasn't a lot of cereal it wasn't completely refused!

She has been so clingy and grizzly this week..not at all like her and I even had to sit up a couple of nights with her sleeping on my chest...anyway teething seems to be over again for now! I had her weighed and measured the other day at nine months old Morganne is 9.6kg and 73 cm so doing really well...
We have had a busy week...I went out for a meal with most of my mum's group on Wednesday night...three of whom (two here in pic) are expecting very soon...and I caught up with Alli for lunch yesterday as it is her birthday today - Happy Birthday Alli

I have been busy scrap booking too...I have done a total of 3 double and one single layouts of our trip (mum, dad, Ben and I) down the Gibb River Road in 2002...for the Scrappin' Outback retreat class Out & About...all using the same Basic Gray Ambrosia paper range...I have also done two bonus layouts using that paper range...and I am now doing bonus layouts using the Eva and Offbeat ranges too!

Ben arrived back home on Wednesday afternoon after being away at work for 7 days...just in time for me to go out...he has been busy doing bits and pieces as he is off on his usual five week swing very early Tuesday morning. And we have our new kitchen in the car port so he says he can get that in over this weekend...yay! So
I have to clear out all the old cupboards today!!!

Evangeline has been busy at school and playing! She has been trying to catch butterflies! The annual Montessori picnic was cancelled due to very bad weather and we didn't go horse riding either...wet and windy...yuk!

Mum stayed with us last weekend until Tuesday which was a wonderful help as I was so tired after all the nights up with Morganne...and as usual she did lots of gardening which was wonderful....I think she misses her garden so is happy to get stuck into it (this is her garden with lots of wonderful roses as we live in my old family home)
So that is it here...A little friend is coming over this afternoon to play with E while her mum and dad are out...and that is it! Hope you have a good weekend! Lissy

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Alli said...

I'm glad M is on the mend and starting to eat again.. it was nice getting cuddles from her on Friday