Sunday, March 13, 2011

crop night traumas...

I had a very traumatic crop night on Friday because Sharon was siting next to me I think she did too! I really struggled with every layout...they all finally worked out fine even with the photos with horrid colours...but it was like pulling teeth...Sharon's I think! I kept threatening to pack up and go she coaxed me on! Thanks for putting up with me Sharon!
And I want to end this post with the heaviness I feel for Japan...the devastation and loss is phenomenal. We have two families at school who are Japanese and have family in Japan. One girl is in Evangeline's class. I have not seen them to know how much they have been affected....Lissy

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Sharon Manning said...

I didn't coax you at all I just said you couldn't go home! :-)
Love all your layouts Lis!