Thursday, March 03, 2011

rice, rice, rice....

 At Christmas Children of the Forest had a Christmas Rice Appeal

They are trying to raise money for rice.

It is their main food.

They need 30kg of rice to feed all 150 children in the Child Protection Centre for one whole day.

30 kg of rice costs AUS $16 (GBP10)

They have raised enough money for rice for 166 days this year…until the end of April...

They still need to raise money to buy rice for the other 199 days this year.

It is easy to donate through the link above...
Please help if you can and feed the kids for a day...
Please contact me if you have any queries....Lissy

Edited....many thanks to Nadene, Livvy and Jake and Bec S for donating...that is 170 days covered!

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