Sunday, March 06, 2011

working with Chief...

Chief has been here for two weeks now. I am only just beginning to get to know him and him me.

I am worried Chief is bored with my basic level of skill. But he is very tolerant of my bumbling efforts.

I am organising some play equipment to put out in the paddock to make our sessions "on the ground" (that is not riding) more interesting...logs, poles, tyres, barrels and so one to add to the cones.

I am sticking to a walk when riding as I feel my skills, balance and signals I am giving to him are limited. Riding used to seem so easy but now I fee like I am beginning again.

The play equipment will also help with making the sessions in the saddle more interesting too.

But that is why I am so glad I have discovered Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

I gives me a path to follow to improve my riding skills but more importantly I feel I can really develop a relationship with Chief by purely working with him on the ground and that to me is a fantastic discovery.

It is early days but I feel so optimistic. I think I would have given up already on my dream to ride if not for Parelli.

He is not impressed with my desire for photo shoots...Lissy

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