Monday, March 14, 2011

my Parelli birthday...

Well today is my birthday! And I have had a good day!

Evangeline made me a bracelet and jewellery box...she has had this ready for a couple of weeks now...and Morganne enjoyed helping me to open presents and drew me some pictures....I was also given some nice jewellery and metal trays  from my mum and sister I plan to use in my craft room...

And my choice of activity for the day...a Parelli Natural Horsemanship was a family outing!

And since Chief was kind of my rather big was a good choice!

Evangeline was keen to go so we skipped school and loaded Chief in the float at 8am and headed to Bullsbrook for a one on one lesson with Louise Atkinson...

And phew! I am worn out!

As Louise said I left home with a rather nice quiet horse in the float (trailer) and arrived at Louise’s place and unloaded a completely different horse…blimey! I suddenly had this crazy ex racehorse!

That was a huge learning curve in itself! If I had seen Chief like that I would have never have bought him! Luckily I know this is not him normally! But it is good to know how he reacts out of his comfort zone!

Louise helped me with him and worked him for the first half hour until he calmed down…it all seemed actually about him being there alone…no other horses…so Louise bought a young horse up to keep him company! It was good to see how to deal with him in that situation as I had no idea!

Then I was put through my pases…in the nicest possible way of course! There were a few things I was not doing correctly!

And few things Chief is doing like pushing very subtly usually with his shoulder which I had not even noticed…so a big thing to work on.

Parelli is all about safety and control and building a relationship with your horse. So he needs to learn to stay out of my space! Except when he is invited of course!
But it was great as I found out I was doing ok and that I could be more "forceful" with Chief as I was unsure as to how much pressure to put on. He needs to know that I am the alpha horse so to speak!

So I have some things to work on and some ideas to keep him from becoming bored!

And so I shall have another lesson and then I hope to be set to go to a clinic in April!

We did not much for the rest of the day and then had takeway for dinner! That suited cooking and I was too tired to go out!

Do you think 7.30 pm is too early for thank you for all the lovely birthday messages on Facebook....Lissy


Sharon Manning said...

Happy Birthday again - great to see you doing something you love! Sleep well tonight.
Sharon xo

Melissa Goodsell said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - i sounds like you had a lovely day,
Mel xxo