Saturday, March 24, 2007


I am not a greenie as such...but I do care about our world...and wonder what it will be like for our kids...and I do not think I do enough to say I am even environmentally responsible...but I have been thinking about it more recently and trying to make decisions in my everyday life that might be positive ones...

so here it list...10 Green Things I am Trying to Do:

Open the windows
Take shorter showers
Use lower energy florescent bulbs
Recycle what I can for school...and give unwanted stuff to charity
Conserve energy by turning off lights, appliances etc
Use reusable cloth shopping bags
Buy more environmentally friendly cleaning products
Use Enjo type cloths
Reduce the size of the garden
Get some chooks to eat the kitchen scraps!

Some of these I have been doing for a while :) But others are my new goals...I figure if I just do a little bit more it must help....

There are other things I would like to try and reuse our grey water in the garden but that may have to wait until we renovate. Ben wants to get a water tank which I think is a great idea. We have a big shed to catch water on. So little steps...and certainly not hard to do...most take no effort at all! But it does make you feel good.

Hope you have nice plans for the weekend. We do - mum and dad are visiting today. Then tomorrow Alli and her family are meeting us for breakfast and then coming for a photo shoot here. And I had really really yummy Thai Red Curry last night from our local restaurant, when my friend Jo came over to visit! E had fun doing Jo's hair - kind of a Pebbles look - and she took photos (she is getting quite good at this) but I will not be so mean as to share them here!!! And I hope to do a little scrapping sometime today...have a good one - Lissy


Mel Diener said...

Good for you Lissy. If everyone had the same attitude, I think it would go a LONG way toward helping to undo some of the damage we've already done to this precious earth of ours. I wouldn't call myself a complete greenie, but this is something I feel more and more strongly about every day.

Sounds like a fun weekend planned...enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lissy, I must admit it has been on my mind alot, I live here in Gladstone, let's just say it is an industrial town, and it makes you very aware of what is going on around you. I am always trying to think of better ways to turn our life style around, lights, recycle etc., we are also seriously thinking about getting a water tank, food for thought, which brings me to the Thai Red Curry sounds very tasty.

I hope you have a great week Lissy.

Best Wishes

Sharon Manning said...

Well, we collect our kitchen scraps to feed to our friends' chooks, they in turn give us a dozen eggs every so often....Steve reckons someone elses chooks are the best chooks to have! lol Hopefully this counts as doing our bit. We are already on rain water (no mains water out here!) 2 dams that feed the gardens (now empty and the garden is suffering). I also wouldn't call myself a devoted "greenie" but collectively if we do our bit then it has to have some effect surely.

Mel Goodsell said...

Lissy, I really loved reading your thoughts and 10 green things. That's a really great list. I'd love a couple of chooks to eat the kitchen scraps too,