Thursday, March 22, 2007


Gardening is hard work....well it is when the garden is large and has been largely unattended for two years...It is cooler here today so I did a lot of clearing, weeding and tidying up...with dad helping...THANKS DAD!:) .

We had the tractor in action to fill the bucket full of really big dead daisy bushes and weeds and so on! E had fun having rides on it! And I was getting very big wheel barrow loads as well... Even though it is tiring it is very satisfying! There is a lot more to do but I am making progress. Ben is sure to be impressed when he gets home in a few weeks! My aim is to simplify the garden and reduce it in size. I do not have time to tend it but also I am considering the water factor as we all have to these days.

Question - photo storage....what do you do?? I need some system of the photos I have printed out ready to scrap...

I am currently ignoring all the thousands old photos in boxes from my pre digi days.... I have taken 51, 000 digi photos in a little over 3 years so you can imagine the number of other photos I have...I have always LOVED taking photos so was delighted to discover scrap booking just before E was born! PERFECT!

So has anyone got a good system for photos of all sizes that are ready to scrap and makes the easy to find, see....something for on my desk...I don't want them really hidden away as I tend to forget about them if I do!

And lastly I have been scrapping and stuff this week but I cannot show you's a not really! Chris M has been badgering me (in a very nice way!) to enter the Scrapbook Outlet NZ design team after a flash of inspiration on Monday I got creating and have posted my entries (Poppet Town, Goats and Budding Photographer). It is always good to do something to give you a creative boost and a bit of a challenge whether you win or not. You can go and see my entry in the gallery but I will post them here at some stage too. The fab Rach H is on the design team there so check out her stuff too!

And OK so that wasn't the last thing I had to say...this is...the above mentioned Chris M is doing VERY well in the MM Idol competition at the moment! She is in the last 15! This is a WORLD WIDE competition...YAY!! So go and have a look and get voting!

So that is it now for this Thursday! Take care - Lissy


Sharon Manning said...

Wow look at that wheelbarrow full, you have been busy.

Can't help you with the photo storage thing as I don't have myself organised either!

Good luck with the DT entry, I loved the Poppet Town, it's awesome.


Mel Diener said...

Wow...what a lot of work. It'll be worth it when you have a smaller, controllable garden.

Good luck on the DT...

Judy said...

gosh i love your photos lissy - storing them - don't ask me i am the worst ask sharon. lol