Friday, March 16, 2007


yes you guessed it...layouts with felt...I seem to be into pretty simple layouts at the moment...but at least it is quick and I am getting some memories recorded! And there certainly is no shortage of memories to record and photos to scrap!

I hand cut the flowers on this first one so they are a little wonky but I rather like them less uniform...and finally used the jumbo bazzill brads I have had for quite a while!

I have impressed myself on this next hand cut this frame....I just marked the corners then cut out the middle and then stared cutting a scalloped edge! I figured if it didn't work I could just throw it out! BUT it worked! Confidence is the key...just start cutting! And I used all my favs on this page...Heidi Swapp letters and decorative tape, Scenic Route paper and word strips! The frame was actually pretty straight before I stuck it doesn't seem to look so bad in real life...but oh well! I tried to take it off and straighten it but I think it was stretching so gave up!
And then this one was supposed to have felt but doesn' I had in mind didn't work so I did something else...back to stitching and photo corners! This is E making her first letter to Ben!
This last one has the felt circles I cut for the layout above but didn't use... this page was inspired by a recent layout of Kim Archer's...she had no patterned paper and circles on hers...rather like the effect I have here with the felt and the stitching...
So that is it for layouts for the weekend...just realised they are all pink and blue layouts!!

I have been looking at Carole Janson's blog and boy does she do some amazing stuff...such detail...makes my pages look so plain! She must have incredible patience...I cut out one or two flowers and think I am doing well!!!

Other than scrapping E and I went to a birthday party yesterday, had her cousins over to play this morning and then went to see Alli and family for a very yummy roast dinner...scrumptious!! So a good weekend....Anyway hope you have had a fabulous weekend - Lissy


Megan said...

Oh Lis, look at you go with that felt!! And it all looks fabulous.

Carole does some amazing work doesn't she...much more patience than you and I put together I think!!

Megan xx

Tara said...

Awesome layouts!

Sharon Manning said...

Great layouts Lis and I can't wait to do the class!

I must be further behind the 8 ball given I have never used felt on a LO either (Yet!).

Sharon xxx

Alli said...

felt is fun Sharon.. we shall have to make you try some LOL... I love the felt Lis, looks great especially the frame, noice.. thanks for coming for dinner, it was great :)