Monday, March 19, 2007


I really love this site Inside the Black Apple....her stuff is seriously cute! I have a few of her prints and would love one of her sculptures!

We have a dead mouse in the ceiling which is very smelly and not at all pleasant! It is in the hall way near my scrap room...yuk!

It is so nice having my dad around everyday! He comes out most days to do his car and truck and tractor restorations in the shed here...And most days he has lunch with us. Mum comes out sometimes too. Each night he drives his motorbike home and gives E a ride around the paddock and then to the gate. We wave as he goes down the drive and then close the gate! She loves it!
I remember dad taking us for rides as kids...around the dam, to the bus stop, to bring the horses in and chasing us around the house yard! I did this layout last year when I found this photo...perfect timing for one of the fabulous Kim Archer's online classes...Anyway that is about it for this Monday...hope your week has started well - Lissy


Anonymous said...

some lovely memories in the making there.

Mel Diener said...

How awesome Lissy, must be fantastic having your parents around like that.

Mel Goodsell said...

Cute pics and the layout is gorgeous, I especially love how you've done the lacing with the ribbon,

Judy said...

Just lurve the ribbon use on that lo - aw you were just so cute!

Alli said...

sounds good to me Lissy :)

allison said...

Love your layout lissy it is cool....glad I found your blog.