Monday, May 07, 2007

hanging onto the past....

It can be pretty hard to actually let go of your past....not in any negative kind of way for me but just physically getting rid of stuff....

And I have kept all my clothes from before I had E and was living in Broome...8 tubs of them in my wardrobe for the last 4 or so years!!! Crazy I know, as despite the size thing...board shorts, bikinis, summery slip dresses and little tops don't really go with the climate and lifestyle of a mum in Perth....and although all gorgeous they will be hopelessly out of date if they ever fit again!

So I am trying to get rid of it all....I have managed to clear about half of it and will have to have another really all of it needs to go!

E has been painting this afternoon! A flower, a tractor , a dinosaur and a picture of Lucas(the cat)...I was amazed at her skills! She knows how to clean her brush in between colours and so on! I love that Montessori give young children skills and do not presume that at 3 they are too young! She pays quite a lot of attention to detail as well.
I have done no scrapping for two weeks...quite a long break for me! I am a bit lacking in energy and inspiration at the I am spending the time clearing out scrapping stuff that I have collected and will never use! and generally tidying up my studio ready for when inspiration does hits! So until then you will have to put up with boring posts!!

Though here is my layout in the latest SM Vol 8 No 11...I did it over a year ago but they took a while to actually put the 'action' gallery in the magazine! A very plain and simple layout but I do still love the photos!

Anyway hope you are all having a good week! Lissy


Rach Wyndham said...

She sure looks like she is paying close attention to detail in these photos Lissy!

Perhaps she stole your mojo :)

I have a problem with not only my own clothes but with the kids as well, so I understand your dilema.
Good luck!

Judy said...

Well, I can relate to the clothes thing but every 6 months or so i go through and purge but i have held on to some jackets for years and still wear them.
E's art is superb.
I saw your lo is sm, looks so nice, love the way E is posing on the photo on the right -so cute.

Sharon Manning said...

Great LO Lis!
Good luck with the purging, I also struggle with this too.
I love E's foot on the paper too in the top photo......priceless.

Megan said...

Lissy I have lost motivation to scrap too....must be something in the air lol.

E certainly is a clever little artist. Must run in the family :-)

Megan xx

JULIE LOVE said...

BEAUTIFUL layouts Lissy!!! and thanks for stopping by my blog :0)

have a great evening