Sunday, May 20, 2007

This week I helped out at school with cooking! No mean feat with 3 year olds! They all loved it and couldn't wait for the muffins to be cooked and they ate them all!Don't you love their hats and aprons! They make bread and muffins each week.

Despite the fact that E 'tortures' the cat...he still seems to hang around and love being with her! She can carry him around in a basket. And the other morning he went into see her when she was still asleep! He is a glutton for punishment I think! He is in danger of being loved to death!
I made this little mini album from a kit by Trina McClune at Scrapbook Outlet that I got months ago...think it was for Valentine's Day...mine turned out a bit different to hers as I used some different colours and such and also I am hopeless at following I just got the gist of what she did and then went on my merry way! Our fourth anniversary is June 1st so it is to send with Ben when he goes back to the boat this week :)
And now this afternoon I might try and do a page or two - I hope you have all had a good weekend - Lissy


Sharon Manning said...

E is so cute in her hat and apron. Love the mini album too, looks like you have done a beautiful job.

Mel Goodsell said...

Ohwow the mini album is GORGEOUS!! How cute are the cooking photos, mmm muffins, I can almost smell them now!

Megan said...

Oh look at that photo of E and the cat!!! Very cute Lis - love the look on the cat's face lol. He owns Evangeline, that's for sure!

Have a great week Lis :-)
Megan xx

Alli said...

love it lissy, and I love the colours