Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's soupy kind of weather.....

Well today seemed like a good day to make some has been a bit dreary and colder for a few days so it must be soup weather.....I decided to try Pea and Ham soup...I have only really ever made pumpkin or vege soup went off this morning looking for a ham bone...we had some yummy Pea & Ham soup at Delitable..a cafe deli place just out side of York...on the way back from the farm....very nice it was too...mine has turned out ok but not quite as good I am afraid! But Ben came in the door and said "Pea and Ham Soup" and so it must smell right and he is eating it! E is not so keen....I can't find the food processor so it is pretty lumpy...oh well!

Today is Sharon's birthday.....Happy Birthday! We are going to see a movie tomorrow to need to spread birthdays out over a few days I think....

I am loving all the very cute things Mel is sewing at the moment....I have been looking at lots of stitching stuff recently but have yet to actually make it will mean unpacking more stuff and looking for things.....she is also making some very nice cards too....I am envious of this I find card making very difficult...they usually end up looking very lame....though one I have made for Sharon's birthday is OK I think....

This afternoon Ben, E and I watched "Open Season" was pretty good...we hadn't seen it...I think Ben enjoyed it most!

I really must get on and do some pages as haven't done anything since the day at Karen's ten days ago....I have some ideas and LOTS of photos from our visit to the stay tuned! Lissy


Megan said...

Hi Lis,

Yum....soup is a big favourite in this house too!

Megan xx

Sharon Manning said...

Leek and Potato is our favourite with lots of garlic!
Thanks for the movie this morning, we will have to do it more often.
Can't wait to see the layouts from the farm.
CYA Soon

mel Goodsell said...

Mmm soup. Yum! I love making soup, but I'm a bit lazy and don't do it as often as I should.

Mel Diener said...

Mmmmm, love Pea and Ham soup. Mum gave me her yummy recipe a while back, but I haven't tried it yet. Have been making potato and leek, and potato and bacon soups though..yummo. Might make a pot today actually.

Anonymous said...

It is still so hot up here at the moment, but I love pumpin soup.

I know what you mean about Mel's sewing, her creations are gorgeous.

I hope you and Sharon had a lovely day together.

Hopefully I will see you soon Lissy, that would really be lovely.

Carole xx