Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day....

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there...

I have an oven mitt and soap from E made at school....but she tells me they are hers as her name is on well...guess she hasn't quite grasped the concept yet! And that is about it around here but I plan to have a nice easy day and maybe do some scrapping!

The curtains were finished and rods put up yesterday...and they look quite good! The colour was all right after all....phew! Not fabulous but OK! Until we renovate we have exposed brick and beams in the living area (circa 1980 but fortunately pale brick!) which is pretty hard to "improve"! But we put some paintings up too and so it is looking brighter!
And you just have to look out our window and see the fabulous views to forget the not so perfect decor!

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday.....Alli and family came over for afternoon tea...and brought a yummy chocolate cheesecake! They forgot to take the rest home so I had some more last night...thanks I shall squeeze in a bit more today...the things you have to do....The kids had a great time playing...the weather was good so they were mostly outside having fun.

E is busy painting and stamping on my studio floor so I might get out some photos and see how I go!

Have a great Sunday all! Lissy


Megan said...


Megan xx

Rach Wyndham said...

So long as there is cheesecake all is right with the world!

Happy Mummy's Day Lissy and perhaps you will get the oven mitt and soap tomorrow :)