Wednesday, August 11, 2010

august so far...

I think we are flat out doing nothing around here...well nothing exciting or interesting but very busy all the exciting photos but memories recorded!

We have been out and about catching up with cousins and visiting friends for lunch and getting busy making potions...And heading to Fremantle for a play and an art is winter still but some rather nice days after some cold ones...We have been out and about in the garden a lot with grandma pruning roses and making mud pies, going on a couple of bike rides and catching up with other friends. I am setting up a mud pie kitchen for them under the trees after seeing this post...Plus I am putting a lot of time in with Evangeline and her school work...her auditory processing and working memory are a bit low...thanks to recurrent ear infections...nothing drastic but she needs some ongoing support.

Evangeline had a sleep over at Grandma's and went to the zoo to see the African animals as they are studying Africa at school and she is doing a talk on giraffes...did you know their feet are as big as dinner plates! And their stride is 15 feet (4 and 1/2 metres)! There is a baby giraffe at Perth Zoo which Evangeline thought was lovely!

There is so much I need to do around the house that I am mostly doing nothing! It is had to know where to start! I get over whelmed and then procrastinate badly! I cannot even seem to get started on any scrapbooking or sewing although I have millions of ideas...too many I think is the problem!

I have started Sharon Manning's photography course...aimed at getting people like me off auto! I rely on a great camera on auto and take lots of photos...I am not trying to take perfect portraits...but rather capture my kids and their personality and stages in their development...and other everyday stuff we do...This approach mostly works but sometimes I am disappointed so I want to know how to do more...And for the first time all that photography mumbo jumbo is starting to make sense! This course was full but they are planning another soon at Tomorrow's Memories if you are in Perth...

And someone else is very keen on Bubbles too! I have ordered a pattern so we can start making her clothes! Morganne keeps telling me she wants a pink one...and since Blythe dolls come in a multitude of hair colours it is possible!

And Ben is away at work so it is a little quiet again around here as we only get to talk to him once a week!

August has been very dry here so far and the farmers are desperate for some is forecast this week so I am hoping it gets out to the agricultural doesn't really matter if my garden dies but it does matter to the I am hoping the rain will pass Perth quickly and go where it is really needed! Lissy

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