Wednesday, August 18, 2010

back in the saddle...

Evangeline has been asking for about 18 months to start riding lessons again...we were going when she was about 5...and so yesterday we started again...and she loved it! Geraldine teaches them well..all the care of the pony, safety and good riding technique...I am looking to buy a pony for the girls so if any one in Western Australia knows of a quiet pony looking for a good home please let me know!

Morganne was enthralled too and wanted to ride as well so Geraldine let her have a little ride at the end! I was holding her so no photo! And of course she wants a pink pony now! lol....I had thought she would be too scared...but she kept saying my turn and she patted every horse and pony she could get to! The mud kitchen under the trees is getting plenty of use! I got a few things like baskets from the charity (thrift) shops for them to collect flowers and do their cooking....I had to eat many many meals on Sunday!The dogs...The new girls hanging out...And a squishy sister kiss...And that is about it from here - Lissy

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