Wednesday, December 05, 2007

the big 4-0....

40 weeks that is... not years! I looked a bit pained in this pic but I am fine really...just waiting! The baby is obviously quite happy where she is!I tried laps around the supermarket today! No results as yet!

I have all E's birthday album photos printed so will try and do that this make some muffins...

Hope you are havign a good day - Lissy


Anonymous said...

Lis, I'm so excited for you that it's nearly time! Enjoy every minute of it and you look fantastic!


Alli said...

ok, so this afternoon or tonight would be good, then I will have all my jobs done and can come visit.. what are visiting hours btw??? :)

I was going to bring you some florentines but you couldn't help yourself could you, had to go make your own tsk tsk

Natalie said...

Hi Lissy, I haven't commented in some time but I am always popping in. Heres hoping that whilst I write this you are on the way to the hospital...if not, walk up a hill. I know WA is pretty flat but it worked for me. DH had me walking up and down a hill all day and sure enough I went into labour that I will be doing it again in Feb, when No.2 is due.

Good luck with the birth!!


Judy said...

Hi lis,
good luck my friend - hope it all goes really well and you look so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Your looking great Lissy. Best wishes for the birth. I hope baby 2 doesn't keep you waiting too much longer.

Keeping my all my fingers and toes crossed for a quick and easy result (well as easy as childbirth goes that is).

Have a wonderful day and take care of yourself xxoo

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at

Melissa Goodsell said...

That's a cute pic Lissy! Not long now :O))

Ohhhh how adorable is Miss E's drawing in the post below, it nearly brought tears to my eyes, she is so sweet.