Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Nothing exciting happening today but thought I had better let you know I am still here! So someone is yet to win the stocking.....so come on, have a guess as to when you think she will appear!

E had her last swimming lesson this morning for the year so I waded up and down in the pool but no good! Nothing happening!

I have packed a bag for E as mum is taking her to the farm for a couple of days in the morning...It will be good for mum and E to get up to the farm and see my sister and the boys. They have their Christmas Concert tomorrow night!

Ben has nearly finished everything at the other house! YAY! Then it can be rented out...and I have lots of jobs for him here...lol...He heads back to work next Wednesday morning and will be gone for about 5 weeks as usual so back late January! He misses Christmas every second year. Our life style is strange to some I suppose but it is all we have ever been used to...the life of a ship's officer and his family! This is his cabin...he took these for E as I think she imagines him in a little fishing boat and asks where he sleeps!Hot and humid and stormy here today! Hopefully it might actually rain!

Wished I looked this good with a basket on my head!
Anyway stay tuned something has to happen eventually! Lissy


Alli said...

oh Lis... not long now, bet you are so sick of hearing that. hope the girls have a nice road trip and just think what they get to come back to, a new baby sister/grand daughter


Rach Wyndham said...

She sure is making you wait Lissy :o)

I am out of the running - was sure you were going to have her last night.

Sending strength and patience xxxx

Janelle Wind said...

Oh you poor thing! OK well I predict that you have your new bubby sometime tonight - or early hours of tomorrow morning. Sending you lots of energy vibes to get through the birth too. x Janelle