Sunday, December 30, 2007

last weekend of the year...

Pretty quiet around here....but cooler...I have an unsettled baby....but I can type one I can blog if nothing else!

E has gone off to the beach with friends which is great as she has been asking to go and I feel terrible that I can't take her! She has been great despite being stuck home with Morganne and I...

Mum has been here some afternoons so they have a swim...
E has been practising with her flippers and snorkel...
She wants to go fishing with her dad when he gets home...Ben is currently heading north towards Dampier on the boat to avoid Cyclone Melanie which now seems to be heading out to sea (west)

I should take some more photos of Morganne but babies are hard to photograph I think...and they always look like they are frowning!!

E made a treasure map yesterday...Treasure Island she says...(click on the pic to see more details) ...She must have seen something in she wanted to go digging for treasure...but the ground was too hard...she said we really needed to go to Treasure Island...but maybe she would try at the beach!

My friend Penne is popping in to visit today also which will be nice...and now while I have a sleeping baby I may just try and make some thank you cards...I hope you have had a good weekend! Lissy


Alli said...

that is a very cool treasure map, and you know no one will say nasty things about you if you don't do thank you cards don't you :)



Judy said...

Do you ever rest?
I dont know how you do it all.
Happy new Year!!!