Friday, December 07, 2007

up for grabs...

OK...this stocking I made today is up for is a pretty groovy retro Christmas Stocking...about 20" or 50cm a decent is from the pattern on Grand Revival DesignWhat you have to do is guess when this now two days late baby is going to put in her appearance...

You need to specify a DATE and TIME...the nearest one will win!

You can only guess once... to join in just leave a comment on this post...I really do appreciate people visitng and comments so if you haven't left one before now is your chance! I will post this stocking anywhere!

The competition is open till I disappear...but you risk missing it is up to you when you guess!

It's not a masterpiece...but it is petty cute, the fabrics are gorgeous and it is FREE!!....

I am making four stockings for mum...two for the girls and two for the boys for at her place for Christmas this year!

Evangeline has been busy with the scraps this afternoon making a rabbit for baby...E is cutting the bits out...I am sewing them up....she is turning and stuffing them...then I am sewing them it will be pretty wonky...but looking fabulous for her first soft toy so far! I shall keep you posted on this one...we are doing more tomorrow as it is bath time and bed time here!

So Good Luck - Lissy


Meegs said...

Hi Lis,

You poor thing!!! I am putting in my bid for 8/12/2007 @ 2.30pm.

Here's hoping for your sake. Good Luck!!!!

Sharon Manning said...

I already put mine in two posts ago but I will put it in again here - Sat 8th Dec 6.45pm.
Fantastic photos of E's concert and just love the stocking!!!!!!
Any twinges????? LOL
Take it easy!

Alli said...

well lets see, how about Sunday morning, around 7am :)

I hope she comes for you soon, aren't you glad the weather has been so mild.

and that is a very groovy stocking, I'm seriously thinking of getting a sewing machine, you make such fun stuff, can't wait to see E's stuffed toy


Anonymous said...

Sorry Lis, I think you're going to have the baby on 13th at 10am.
Best of luck mate! That stocking is gorgeous!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Hmmm...well considering every single one of my other predictions have been incorrect - let's see how I go here, lol.
I'm guessing this Sunday at 1.30pm
P.S. That stocking is gorgeous! Love the colours and the shape.

jenni said...

Sunday morning at 10am. We're thinking of you. I'll try to call today.

Rach Wyndham said...

Oh I am going to say the 11th[Tuesday] just before midnight :o)

Same time Eric was born nine years ago.

Good luck Lissy and may the force be with you.

Gigga said...

Hi Lis
Monday morning at 6.00am.
Happy Birthing!!!!

Kerry said...

Hi Lis, been waiting to hear but now that you are overdue I hate to say it but I think bubs will arrive 14th Dec towards midnight! Will wait patiently for that call! Love Kerry

Anonymous said...


Love your work, you always seem so busy , I think your little one may arrive on 11.12.07 at 9.01am

Best wishes

Megan said...

Am I too late Lis???

I guess I'd have an unfair advantage to guess now lol.....I'll just pay you to make me a stocking instead!

Megan xx

Ev said...

Hmm..wish I had commented guess was going to be Wednesday at 3pm...

Helen Skeggs said...

Hi Lissy
I think your baby will be born on Saturday 15 at a little after midnight, babies love being born in the middle of the night.

Carla said...

Lis good luck on the arrival of your princess
My bid is Thur 13 at 9pm

Jodi said...

Hi Lis...
I can't believe I can still enter the competition!!
I think she will come on the 15th December 2007 at 8am! (I do hope for your sake she comes before that though)!!
Take care and keep smiling!
Love Jodi xxx