Sunday, December 09, 2007

out so far... out of the running for winning the stocking so far are...Meegs, Sharon and Alli...sorry girls....not looking too good for Jenni as only an hour to go...Mel is in with a slight chance....with Sunday 1.30pm....but no niggles yet really...

That leaves four in the running...Gigga, Rach, Chris and Kerry...and anyone else who leaves a comment on the stocking post below!! Or on this post with time and date of this baby's arrival! So sign up now!!

I made a couple of Reindeer Purses yesterday...the ones Mel posted about...very quick and for E and one for her little friend who she went to see Santa with...
I would have loved to have gone to see Santa too but there is no way I was traipsing into the friend did take some pics for me! So on with Christmas Stocking sewing today....I hope you are having a nice Sunday - Lissy


Rach Wyndham said...

Maybe she knows how hot it is Lissy?
Maybe that is why she has decided to make everyone wait?

Enjoy Sunday the 3 of you because I am sure by Wedensday there will be 4 :o)


Alli said...

goodness me... and you were certain you would be early too, I know I would be feeling pretty average by now too.. hang in there lovey, almost over now


Megan said...

Very cute photo Lis, and I think I would have stayed at home too!!

Megan xx