Sunday, February 28, 2010

a great idea....

This book by Shona Cole looks very to be a mum and be creative...As another blogger Trudy put it...I have this deep desire in me to create; but as a busy momma, it is so difficult to find the time; but yet so needed. I do not wish to wait until my children are grown. I would like to live the life of an artistic mother before my children and in turn spark their creativity as well.

I know I get grumpy and grizzly if all I do is kids stuff and cooking and cleaning and so on...I am happy to be a mum...and I love being a mum...but I need to be creative too...If I am lucky I might win this book...but if not I think I will head to Fishpond and buy it! Lissy


Alli said...

wow! how cool does your blog look!!

Shona Cole said...

thank you for mentioning my book on your blog :)
all the best