Sunday, February 20, 2011


It is so nice to be riding again..I have been riding regularly in the last week trialling is so great to be back in the saddle and finding my "seat" again...which is considerably larger than when last I rode! But is bound to diminish now I can exercise...trotting is great exercise! Especially with a foot injury that means I cannot do most other forms of exercise!

I had my last trial today on Chief in Bullsbrook....Charity and her husband (cannot spell his name!) have been really fabulous while I have been there...helping me get to know Chief and learn the Parelli method of natural horsemanship...I really like it...and as you can see I am happily riding Chief around in a halter (hackamore) bit...I feel very confident riding him...Charity took some photos for me today!

I have lots to learn but it is handy Chief "knows'' the stuff so we are not beginners together...though he is trying to pull the wool over my eyes a bit! I just have to show him more leadership in our new partnership!

He is just what I wanted...something quiet and reliable while I reconnect with riding...and have some fun!Though I never thought I would find that in a 5 year old Thoroughbred ex race horse! Proves that in all things you should be open minded! Now I need some with me playing the Parelli games with Chief! Lissy

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