Thursday, October 11, 2007

today so far....

A very busy day around here so far!

E had to do some painting this morning.....she also painted yesterday and made things...I got into trouble for taking she said she was trying to concentrate!
I dropped E at a friends for a play this morning then dashed off to gets some jobs done....

Spotlight...polka go with some fabric for some clothes for E and the pink is for the edge on her curtains that I have to make wider...see previous
Then to Target and Big W to get a few birthday and Christmas presents...nearly sorted more child to go...and a couple of adults...but decided that soon I will not want to go and then with a new born it may be I am being super organised! And I did the food shopping.....phew...all in a couple of hours....

I picked E up and then came home and she decorated the paper for Ace's birthday present...

Then Ike and my brother in law arrived from the farm for lunch and Ike stayed for a play...they have just left to go and get my sister and Ace from the airport...I will go and pick up mum at the airport at about 5pm (different flights) and then go to East Perth for tea with them will be nice to have them home :)

Yesterday I busily worked on my baby album....that is the album for the baby on the way...I am using Mel's Birdie Album...available from Tarisota....I've had it made for ages and the cute bag...but needed to start filling the are some pics so far...I am not good at photographing these things sorry! Click on it if you want to see it bigger....I added some acetate pages to the album too and obviously more details to add yet!

E loves the snow peas and sugar snap peas growing in our garden and picks and eats each one that unless we suddenly get a prolific growth i do no think we will get many for a salad or anything...but this was my hope that she would love to eat the food that we have grown!
Oh and these totally gorgeous hair clips arrived in the post....they really are superb.....from Pink Owl Creations on Etsy....not a great photo sorry... Hope you are having a good day - Lissy


Megan said...

Lissy Charlotte did some painting today too. It was this afternoon though, and the lovely white bathroom I had spent time cleaning this morning ended up a brilliant shade of violet in about 2.5 minutes!! I really do think our two would get along sooooooo well!

Your baby album looks incredible....what a sweet album for your little one.

Megan xx

Anonymous said...

oh LOVE the hairclips and I love the birdie album :O) Sounds like you are really organised for Chrissie, I'm getting there slowly.
I love the drawing on the wrapping paper, so sweet.