Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter so far....

All very quiet around here....not many plans for the Easter break...we usually go to the farm but not this year...I didn't really fancy packing up two kids, a cat, a dog and my mum and driving 5 hours....Anyway Mum came for lunch yesterday and we had some delicious salmon...Evangeline has been quite busy playing...I have been trying to get her into doing some Easter craft but she has been happy doing other she is having a very serious conversation with Wendy while playing Bob the Here is the Easter stuff she made at school...the bunny is made out of a wash cloth! Morganne is learning to sit up...she flops around a bit but can sit there for quite a while...she is also having slightly longer sleeps at night of 5 - 6 hours which is great! Not the best photo but it shows how she is sitting...And I have done some layouts...I figured it is a holiday so I would relax, leave all but essential washing and cleaning etc and create...and my layouts are pretty simple so are done quite quickly...I shall maybe do some more tonight or tomorrow...Ben is out at sea somewhere of the north west coast out of phone range so we haven't heard from him for a few days...Some friends (Pierre and the kids, Paige and Pearson)came over for a play this afternoon. And I have to play Easter Bunny later once E is in bed! She is watching "the Little Mermaid" at the moment then will be going to bed! Anyway hope you are having a Happy Easter so far - Lissy

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Megan said...

Happy Easter Lis :-)

Your layouts look beautiful...E and Morganne both have the same gorgeous chubby cheeks as babies don't they?! I love chubby cheeks!

And E's Easter creations are so cute - I think we are going to have to make a card like that one too. How clever!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter :-)

Megan xx