Wednesday, March 05, 2008

twelve weeks....

Our gorgeous little Morganne is twelve weeks old today - She has her 3 month child health nurse check next will be interesting to have her weighed and measured...she is wearing size 00 clothes and heading quickly towards size 0...E was the same... We have had a bad couple of days as she has been very out of sorts and has a cold...last night was a shocker as she kept waking coughing and spluttering...we have had an OK day so hopefully tonight will be is hard as there is little you can do for them at this age...she is getting too big for the bassinet so we tried out the cot today...I will start her in that once she is over her cold......E had dance this afternoon...when I peaked in at the class she was kind of following but kind of doing her own thing too...must drive the teacher that is it so far this week - Lissy


Anonymous said...

Hi Lissy! Just wanted to pop in and say how gorgeous Morganne and of course E as well both are! Gosh that 12 weeks has gone quickly - well for us viewers anyway!LOL Hope you are well!


Rach Wyndham said...

The photo of M laughing is just wonderful and I cant help but notice how cheeky and gorgeous E looks in her dance outfit!

Cant wait to hear how the 3 month appointment goes!

Have a wonderful weekend.