Monday, March 03, 2008

part of the weekend....

I am having major troubles with this shall just update part of the weekend with some pics and a couple of layouts...then hopefully more tomorrow (Ben is at sea so I will be posting lots of pics for him over the next few weeks)
Morganne has discovered her hands and looks all set to be a thumb sucker...I tried a dummy...but she would not have a bar of now I am trying mits...but not sure if this will work either...
E is such a loving big sister and wants to hug and kiss Morganne all the time..she isn't perfect and some times plays up when I am busy with M...or when visitors come...but mostly she is doing really well with having a new addition to the family

And look...this was M this morning...she can hold her head up! I was rather surprised as I have not given her tummy time for several days! I think her eyes are going to be brown as they are looking rather dark and not so blue...A couple of quick layouts...the sweet girls one was actually supposed to be the second airport page for M like the one I did for E (see post below)...but it didn't work so I used it for this photo instead...I am trying to use up some scraps of pp...and tying to use some things I have had for a while but not used (jumbo photo corners and these glittery letters) or not used for a while (like ribbon)

I have more to share but will leave that for tomorrow when this computer may be more obliging...I will speak to it nicely and hope it last for a couple of more weeks - Lissy

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