Wednesday, March 12, 2008

three months old...

Morganne is three months old today. Photos by Sharon

We went to the child health nurse and she was weighed and measured. She is now 60.25cm long and weighs 7.16 kg a chubby baby
She wears size 00 clothes
She loves her hands and swings her arms about batting at things in her play gym...and she has found her thumb (photo by Alli as i cant take decent baby pics!)She is very loud and vocal .... and is chatting away all the time
She can hold her head up quite well when on her tummy
She is very content and easy going baby except when she has wind or wants a feed...I love this photo as this is the smile she gives me when we "chat" when she is on my knee...She is too big for the bassinet and will now sleep in her cot. (photo by had her first night in her cot last night
And other news...I have started my birthday met up with Alli at the Wild Fig for lunch is a nice cafe on the coast....
and off to dance this afternoon...and this is E on the weekend being a super sleuth...and that is enough for today...more birthday celebrations tomorrow...I figure it is good to draw out your birthday over a few days! Lissy


Megan said...

Oh good for you to have started celebrating your birthday already! Friday isn't that far away, so I think you're allowed to start today!

Your girls are so cute Lis, and you are looking great too.

Sharon has taken some really beautiful photos for you - she's a talent and a half!

Megan xx

Sharon Manning said...

Glad you had a great day with Alli!
Love the photo of E as a Super Sleuth. I absolutely loved taking photos for you Lis and I thank you for the opportunity.
Enjoy your Thursday.
Love Sharon