Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a second tooth..

Evangeline has lost her second tooth! But it was all happy this time! Fortunately the Tooth Fairy managed to reply to her questions about what happened to her teeth in a mini letter...and left a heart charm for her bracelet...Evangeline turns 7 next week so I made the invites yesterday and this morning she wrote the names and handed them out at school...we are having a camp out in the tree house! It is from 4.30 - 7.30pm so they can play with the mini torches I bought! Ben gets home tomorrow so he has to get the tree house finished!On Monday I went to do an observation in Evangeline's lower primary Montessori classroom...the parents are invited to visit once each term to work with your child and see what they are working on...Evangeline has a contract of work to complete each day with maths and language activities...Some of the work is set such as spelling...and other work they have choices in...and they have one on one lessons with the teacher and some small group lessons...many people believe there is no routine and no direction in a Montessori classroom and are often surprised when they visit one...And we are getting some much needed rain! Great for the garden...but hopefully it stays in the metro area as the farmers are trying to harvest now so do not want it!

And speaking of brother in law is 50 today! Happy 50th Allan!

And some sad news today as the mum of two little munchkins Jack and Charlotte passed away terribly sad...Lissy

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