Saturday, January 19, 2008

everday 4...

We have had a busy day today....this morning we went to a birthday party in a park...Evangeline had a great time with friends from school...Morganne slept!The location and lighting were great for some photos...

My everyday pictures today are...E pulling a face...and Morganne in the capsule...her skin is a lot better but now the cradle cap is bad! I have four days of photos printed for the mini albums now so I had better start it!

Last night Evangeline wrote instructions for the care of Morganne....and they had lots of good night cuddles and kisses!

And look a smile...and look at those chubby cheeks!Hope you have had a good Saturday - Lissy


Sharon Manning said...

Looks like you had a great day Lis and the photos are gorgeous.
Morganne is looking so much better now I couldn't believe the difference when I popped in today. I'm sure E is looking forward to getting back to school really soon.
Take Care.

Megan said...

Lissy these shots are awesome....look at Morganne asleep in the capsule - she has grown so much!!! She has a beautiful smile Lis...they are both gorgeous little girls. It doesn't seem that long ago you told me you were's zipping by quickly already!

Megan xx

Rach Wyndham said...

Wonderful photographs Lissy - look at your beautiful girls!

Roll on Thursday and hurry home Ben.

Take care and sleep well.