Thursday, January 24, 2008

everyday 8...

I didn't get to post yesterday as I was backing up all our stuff onto an external hard drive in case this dinosaur dies on us! And it took hours!

Anyway yesterday E went on a bird hunt....with some cornflakes, a back pack and a telescope! And she told me I had to be very quiet! And this is Morganne in a little jumper that was mine as a baby! Now that the air con is working again she gets a bit cold inside!Alli and the boys came to play and have lunch...Oh and I did a layout...blimey! Pretty quick and simple...and I will do a version for E with other photos..had to be quick as no air con in my room!The Pest Control man is coming today as we are inundated with bugs and spiders...another huge one in the bathroom this morning and I am worried one will get on the baby's mat or something!

Hot here today again - 38C plus...Ben is due home tonight! YAY! He will get a shock when he sees Morganne although he has been able to look at this blog...So I shall post today's daily photos later - Lissy

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Alli said...

we love coming to visit Lis.. and the shoe box was just the right width!.. now to find some lime green paper for it LOL

oh and I found some of your rumballs in the freezer, they are still very yummy!