Wednesday, January 02, 2008

this year...2008

Again this year, Ali Edwards is talking about a word for the year....I chose balance for 2007...and I really did try and think about creating balance in my life as I made choices through out the year...It may sound a little silly but it really does help...

We had a pretty tough year in 2007 for many reasons but the main one being the death of my dad...and knowing that Morganne will never know her fabulous Grandad like the other kids did...I find this very upsetting...I am going to try to ensure that Evangeline remembers him but being only 4 I am not sure how much she will remember...

So for 2008 I think my word will be REMEMBER...I had thought of peace (as in peace of mind) but I think remember is more what I am aiming is easy just to get lost in daily life...and I want to remember what is important...and to me the most important thing is FAMILY

REMEMBER to retain in the memory

I have been thinking a lot about family history and family traits passed on through generations...and layouts I want to do with these...

I also like the idea of PROJECT 365 ...I take photos most days anyway but might try and be a bit more focused this year on capturing our daily lives...This has always been my aim with my scrap capture the everyday...I enjoy the creative side to it but it is really the memories I am trying to preserve...but just one photo a day...hmmm...bit

And I am trying to preserve the memories of our daily lives on my blog online diary...I used to write a diary...but now blogging with photos is perfect for me...
Morganne is now 3 weeks old and lots more alert and looking around. She is getting quite strong too and lifts her head a lot. She will be weighed and measured on Friday so it will be interesting to see how much she has grown.
Evangeline and Morganne's cousins came over for a swim today...all girls on Ben's side fo the family!
So what are your plans for 2008? Lissy
PS And thanks - the ideas for colic are greatly appreciated!

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