Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Well we had another new addition to the house today.... after waiting for months we finally got our Giotto Premium...now I just have to learn to use it well enough to do it justice...E worked out how to ride the banana today..I had thought it was going to be to hard for her but she is getting the hang of it! I actually sat outside and relaxed while E swam today as Morganne was asleep! Normally E has to wait until mum or someone is around...And here is our littlest one...horrid rashy face and all...but still gorgeous to me! She is getting more social and alert each day...It was supposed to be cooler here today but we had 38C out here in the valley...but the bonus of living here amongst all the vineyards is that it is nice and green in the summer and the neighbours drop in with boxes of yummy grapes! Still waiting to be given wine yet though!

And that is it for this Tuesday - Lissy


Melissa Goodsell said...

LOL...when you were telling me that you had a new addition to the household, I was thinking a new dog or perhaps a rabbit! LOL...
That's a really cool addition to have!!!
E looks adorable on the big banana...what fun!
Miss M might have a nasty rash, but she is still sooooooo cute!

Alli said...

you can practice on me with the coffee machine Lis :)

Do you need any more coffee?

Tara said...

Oh the poor little mite... hope it isn't uncomfortable for her. Darn the hot weather!

Megan said...

Ohhh I will be over for a cuppa really soon Lis!

Morganne looks so cute - even with the rash. Don't you just love how hormones and heat affects girls at just ANY AGE???!!

love me xx

Sharon Manning said...

Yay new coffee machine!!!!!!! So shiny and new too. Can't wait for my Latte LOL.
E looks so clever on that banana and Morganne is changing so much, I'm sure I was only away a week????
Enjoy the cooler weather and see you soon.
Sharon xx