Tuesday, January 22, 2008

everyday 7...

This is E in this morning...

and reading to Morganne...And Morganne is now six weeks old...Today was going to be a quiet stay at home day....but that soon went out the window...a friend called to take E out with her little girl for a couple of hours...so I rushed off with M to do the food shopping and then I had a quick look at computers as this one is coming to a grinding halt and I am thinking it will just stop all together soon...it is a few years old so I guess it is a dinosaur now in computer terms...but shall have to see what Ben thinks when he gets home...E is counting the sleeps...only two to go now!

Then this afternoon saw a rush of unexpected but very welcome visitors...my aunt, then my friend Penne....Then E came home and the kids all had a swim ...they were giving their dolls swimming lessons And the air con man turned up and fixed the air con...very relieved about that!...it still only works in part of the house but that will do for now!...and then another friend turned up to see Morganne!

This is E with her new mop this afternoon....slave labour around here...lol...I had to follow her around and mop up the water!E was worn out and fell asleep on the chair so I carried her to bed! M is still not asleep...thanks for ideas for cradle cap...shall give them ago! and that is it for today...Lissy

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Megan said...

So much for having a quiet day Lis!!

I'm planning one for today...I'm not getting out of my pj's until I REALLY have to!

Megan xx