Monday, January 21, 2008

everyday 6

....a pretty quiet day again around here...E tried on all her jewels and such...there are lots of bangles hiding under her gloves too...I thought the beanie was a good finishing Morganne had a good scream at bedtime...mean of me to take a photo I know...I don't let her scream really...I am a softie...but she has a good set of lungs on her! Any suggestions for cradle cap? I am using olive oil...And my day...well in between feeds and so on I got a few jobs done like sorting the spare room for Ben's mum's visit this weekend...ironing...packing up clothes for charity and so on...thrilling stuff...

Plus trying to organise to get the air con fixed before the weather creeps up to 36+C on Thursday and the same is forecast for the long not know what we will do if not!

And now heading to bed and hoping for a reasonable night...Lissy


Tara said...

I found qv bath oil really, really good for the cradle cap and it didn't seem to stick in the hair as much as olive oil... though you dont really want it to get in her eyes at all.

Poor little thing... reminds me very much of what we were going through a year ago. She's a darling now :D Well she was then, but even more so now.

Hope you had a good night.

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Lissy,
Thought I would delurk to share with you that I always used J&J's Sorbolene cream in the pump pack so really easy to apply during bathtime and if they get it bad I just put it on and left it, lifts it in no time and gentle on their skin too as I had a couple with baby excema. Hope that helps.
Take care

Megan said...

Hey Lis,

I did exactly the same as Tracey. J&J's in the pump pack at bath time!

Miss E looks very stylish there...I think hot pink is her colour :-)

Megan xx

Ev said...

have you tried the paw paw ointment (red tube or tub) for the skin. It worked wonders on my lot. As for the cradle cap nothing I tried ever worked too well...olive oil included.

I was always told it was good to let them cry for a bit as it strengthened their lungs - not sure about that but boy my three can talk the hind legs off a donkey!!