Thursday, November 29, 2007

39 weeks....

Well I was hoping not to be here posting at 39 weeks...but I here is the friend Susan says the baby is obviously not bored enough yet to come out! I had an appointment at Ob today...I had taken E along as she has been asking to go...but we got lost in the queue so it was a long wait...I was so tired and frazzled that I do not even know how much baby has grown...probably better off not knowing being that she was already 7 pds two weeks ago...but all is well so just back to waiting!

Other news...E had dance concert last good pics on stage as no flash photography...but she had fun and did very well...she was very excited so it is amazing I got her still for a second to get any photos! 3 costume changes...crazy!

All the stage shots are blurry like this one!
She did her own impromptu encore after the last item...they were all running off stage and E ran down to the front of the stage around the curtain as it was closing and bowed and waved to the audience! The teacher had to come and get her off! She seems to be a bit theatrical!

Ben is flying back from Tasmania has not missed the baby! The Ob seems to think the baby will just come on time like E did! And I still have a bad cold and cough so it is probably just as well there is no baby on the scene yet!

There was a market day at school today...the older kids had stalls selling things they had made, face painting and so on...E really enjoyed it...she bought some biscuits, a braclet and had her face painted...and still had change from $5! I bought some kangaroo paws which are now looking very nice in a tall vase!

So that is it for now - Lissy


Alli said...

well you look gorgeous, not long now and we all get to meet baby :)

Megan said...

Hiya Lis,

Little Miss E is a performer all right lol! I love that she has so much spunk and character. Now if she would just let her mumma get some more sleep she would be the PERFECT child!

Don't worry about the size of your little baby....Charlotte was 9lb 14oz and hers was the best birth....3 hours 20 minutes, no drugs etc, no tears....and I was bouncing off the walls just a couple of hours later. The bigger the better I reckon LOL!

Megan xx

Melissa Goodsell said...

Cute cute cute cute!!