Sunday, November 04, 2007

this weekend...

A rather nice weekend here...after being very windy all day yesterday ..we had a nice warm sunny day today....

Yesterday we had breakfast with my friend Jo...and E made a toast face for me...I had been telling her to spread out the jam and she then explained what it was! Mum came over in the afternoon so I could sleep.

I made a pair of Bitty Booties from Heather Bailey's blog for Imogen who visited yesterday... and a bib but have not photographed that yet...both very easy so I will make some more...

Today I stared working on E's curtains again....I have nearly completed one drop...had to applique on 9 butterflies and now I'm constructing it..then two more drops to go...I have procrastinated so badly on these!

Then we went to a birthday party for one of E's friends from our mum's group... note E is wearing the skirt I made last weekend!

And I made the EASIEST pasta for tea and it was DELICIOUS...if you like tomatoes that is! From Mirror Mirror blog....and a good pic there is her recipe....

Spaghetti with Cherry Tomatoes
Set the water boiling for some long thin pasta, such as spaghetti or linguine.
Take a punnet of sweet, very ripe cherry tomatoes - thin-skinned ones work best - and cut each one in half (a serrated knife is always best for tomatoes, I sometimes use the bread knife). That's the most work you'll have to do.
Put the pasta on to cook before you start the sauce (yes, it's that quick).
Take a large frying pan and heat up a generous splosh (about 1tbsp) of good olive oil. Peel a clove of garlic, halve it and fry it in the hot oil until it turns golden brown. Remove the clove of garlic. If you have garlic-infused oil use that instead and skip this step.
Get the flavoured oil really hot on the highest heat and add the halved tomatoes. Take care as they will sizzle and spit at this stage. Keep frying them on a high heat until they collapse and melt down into sauce, prodding with a wooden spoon helps. Stir occasionally to stop them sticking. Season with salt, pepper and half a teaspoon of granulated sugar unless the tomatoes are very sweet. If they've turned into a sauce before the pasta is ready keep cooking the sauce over a gently heat to keep it warm but don't overcook. If you're feeling fancy stir in a handful of chopped Italian parsley at the end and give it time to wilt.
When the pasta is ready stir it into the fried tomatoes adding a tablespoon of the pasta cooking water. Add another generous slug of olive oil (not garlic oil this time).
And that's it. It doesn't need cheese and you really mustn't remove the skins. They're the best bit

So a good weekend really though I am still tired and grumpy! Have a good week - Lissy


Anonymous said...

Ahhh good to see that you've been putting the felt to good use...mine is still sitting there, lol.
Love how they turned out, so sweet....oh and your toast looks cute but rather lumpy! LOL

Megan said...

I've been away for a few days and am now trying to catch up on your blog!

* GREAT belly shot!
* Imogen is completely gorgeous, as is E playing with her
* The toast looks so delicious, the booties are fantastic and I hope to goodness that you have caught up on your sleep!!!!

Loads of love,
Megan xx