Thursday, November 15, 2007

it has shrunk....

I think our bed has shrunk...I was sure it was a queen size but now it seems more like a me , the bump and the body pillow...I do not know where Ben will fit when he gets home!

My rings are now on a necklace around my neck as my hands have swelled a bit with the hot I am wearing what I call the pregnancy ring which is a large antique ring about 100 years old that both my sister and I have worn when pregnant!

My bags are packed....ready for any quick trip to the hospital...E was born only 50 minutes late...she was due on November 15th but arrived at ten to one in the morning of the I am figuring this baby will come sooner than December 5th!

But she cannot arrive before Sunday when Ben gets home....or from November 26th - 29th as Ben will be away in Tasmania....and the Obstetrician goes on holiday on December 6th...other than that I do not mind!

I had an appointment today with the Ob....Baby is now 3.2kg...about 7 pds I think...which apparently is spot on...but considering E was 3.45kg (7 pds 8 oz ) when she was born that it seems rather large to me! She has grown a kilo in the last two weeks and I am not really keen on her growing another kilo! No photo today as she was hiding again!

Hope you are all well and happy - I am but tired...and a bit grumpy too - Lissy


Alli said...

it isn't like you to be grumpy lovey...LOL

almost there now Lis, I am predicting next Wednesday!

Megan said...

I'm with Alli - I can't imagine you even being close to being grumpy!

And don't worry about where Ben will sleep...he'll find room somewhere!

Megan xx